Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Just so you know

For those who say Government doesn't create jobs I'd like to throw this out to you:

Odds are you drive to work (at least in Los Angeles most of us do) it was built by workers from a government contracts.

Odds are they were educated at goverment funded public schools

Odds are if you take a train they were built by workers who got government contracts

Odds are the building you are in got government contracts

Odds are ladies and gentlemen you are surrounded by government jobs.

End of your argument

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Robert E Wilson said...

What argument?

Yesterday, you state how you think we can get more private jobs, I responded. I guess my answer frustrated you, so today, you post about public jobs.

Anyways, of course public jobs exist. I'm sure you want to argue that we should create more to help the economy. That doesn't work because that is the cart pulling the horse.

An increase in private jobs increases the government's revenue to allow the public jobs to increase proportionally with the public ones.

Increasing public jobs without an increase in private jobs just strains the economy even more as it increases the tax burden on a decreasing private sector.

Look up "The Great Depression" and "The New Deal". This has been tried before.