Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bush's Non Press Conference

After being forced to watch the so-called President Dubya primetime press conference I'd like to go over the issues the idiot went over and the press there didn't call him on.

1) Social Security- he said he wants congress to act on his social security plan for private accounts even though polls show people are against it and it's failed in other countries such as Chile and Great Britain. Proof he is only for Wall Street in this issue and by the way if this god forbid passes it will no longer be an entitlement program so basically he can and probably would do away with it!

2) Judges-He calls on congress to do an up and down vote on the judges who's nominations are being wisely blocked by democrats. Now if I recall no stink was raised when the republicans blocked all 40 of President Clinton's nominations to the bench and of course the whining baby republicans including President Dubya are complaining about 10 out of 200 nominations, the worst of the bunch. Absurd and rediculous as always

3) Energy- He refused to show who was at the energy meetings. He made a policy that would be benificial to energy companies. He got what he wanted and will create a disaster by drilling in the alaskan wildlife reserve. Nevermind Global Warming which is not really an energy issue but is a problem not just for the US but the world in general.

4) The Economy- grew by 3.1 percent according to the commerce department, which is the slowest in a long time. I know from being unemployed myself jobs just aren't happening. I want to work I need to work and lord knows I need cash.

5)Gas prices- we pay about $2.50 a gallon here in Southern California he mentioned no plan on lowering them and why should he?? He makes money as long as gas prices are high, Dick Cheney, Dr. Rice, Rumsfield all do. SO they are getting rich off our misery.

6) Osama.. oh yeah he didn't mention him did he

7) Iraq.. I've already said what's needed there.

Again anyone prove me wrong on any of these facts.

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