Saturday, April 30, 2005

Fox News

I just saw at a headline on foxnews that "Liberals are to blame for the high gas prices" so if I may take a moment to respond to David Asman. I have a few questions: What party is in charge of congress?? Someone correct me if I'm wrong but it's the Republican party. Who is in charge of the senate?? Again correct me if I'm wrong but the Republican Party. Who is in charge of the White House?? Again if I'm wrong tell me but last I checked it's the Republican Party. Ladies and Gentleman anyone who believes that Liberals are the ones causing the current problems in the country is dillusional. If the Democratic Party was in charge of any of the braches of the government while it may or may not be true you can at least blame them but they are not! I challenge anyone at Fox News to come on my website and post any logical reason why liberals are to blame for anything CURRENTLY wrong in this country. What fox and all of those right-wing morons say is nothing but cruel nonsense that only serves on what they want and that is to divide this country even farther.

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