Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hypocrites on the right

Ladies and Gentlemen I must again respond to the hypocrites on the right. You see, I sent a letter that was in the Daily News in Los Angeles stating how Mr. Dubya lied and someone sent the daily news a letter saying there was no proof that Mr. Dubya lied and that it was other people's fault and not his.

Now if I recall there were two reasons why we went to war in Iraq and I will tackle each one individually.

1) WMD's. Every UN inspector that was there said Iraq had no WMD's every report said Iraq had no WMD's every country but Great Brittain said Iraq had no WMD's and yet Mr. Dubya decides that Iraq had WMD's. Think about that dispite overwhelming proof that Iraq had no WMD's we went to war on his claims. Over 1500 fathers,mothers,sons,daughters have died becuase of this and the people who supported this: Tenet, Bremmer, got medals of honor.

2) Iraq had ties to Al Queda. The 9.11 commission report said Iraq had no ties to Al Queda and in fact Osama Bin Lauden hated Sadam Hussein. So there goes that theory Mr. Cheney and Mr. Dubya.

These people need to be investigated for these lies and punished as President Clinton was for his choices


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