Tuesday, April 26, 2005

View On Bush/Republican Party

As I mentioned I am a proud card-carrying liberal and I watch mr. dubya, who stole not one but two elections since he couldn't win on his own, I see a murder! Plain and simple. How is Mr. Dubya a murderer my conservative friends may ask and it is quite simple. Iraq. We were lied to about Iraq. Because of these lies over 1500 american troops are dead and the Pentagon won't list how many Iraqi people are dead or how many wounded we have or how many people have died after being wounded. Taxpayer money (about 400 Billion dollars now) has been spent over the lies and the people who have supported the lies, like Rice,Wolfwitz have been promoted while good people like Colin Powell, who was dupped in this, were fired or forced out! Ladies and gentlemen we need investigations by Congress, Senate on this and I won't rest until the blame is placed on the person responsible for this mess which is Mr. Dubya!

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