Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do you remember

Do you remember when President Bill Clinton left office? Do you remember the budget surplus he left us in??I sure do but now we have Bush who announced we will have a record $482 BILLION dollar deficit in 2009. I thought Republicans where fiscally responsible but obviously that is yet another myth and yet another reason not to vote for more of the same McCain.



Robert E Wilson said...

Republicans, by and large, are no longer fiscally responsible. That's one reason I don't belong to the party any more.

3 years ago, I wrote about this very thing in A New Kind of Liberal

You're right, McCain is no different. Obama will be worse though.

Erik said...

Do you remember the last Democratic President? Obama will be like him without the affairs

Erik said...

And Robert please you will still vote for more of the same McCain like the true Republican you are.