Monday, July 28, 2008



This sick individual who shot and killed two people and wounded others in Tennessee is pathetic but he is in the same mindset as a lot of conservatives.

For those who don't know he went to a church he is not a member of and fired away for the reason he felt the church was too liberal! Let's have that sink he this individual killed two people, wounded others IN A CHURCH because HE felt the church was too liberal.

First off the mere fact that I had to make that statement disgusts me. The fact is I've seen bumper stickers saying make the world safer shoot a liberal proves what sick disgusting psychopaths they really are and really have no place in the world. It's really sad and yes for Robert who I know is going to say something again Robert prove to me in any way where this losers actions are justified and ask how outraged you would be if someone shot up a conservative church for the reasons this guy is saying.

And I make a bet he is one of the dittoheads (mind you I'm assuming) cause Rush does encourage violence. I have posts showing that in my archives.

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Robert E Wilson said...

Obviously, you want some kind of response from me.

I'll only take issue with your "a lot of conservatives" remark. However, at least you didn't say "all conservatives" as you have in the past.