Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm going to disagree (obviously) with Obama's vote in favor of Bush spying on American citizens. I won't agree with everything he does no one agrees with everyone 100 percent of the time. I kinda think I know why he did vote for it cause if he didn't the Republican smear machine (since that's all they know how to do attack) would claim how soft he is on terror and he doesn't want to protect American's. Even though this bill won't prevent a terror attack in any way.

On a side note I wonder what's worse in the news the past couple of days.

A: (Which is getting the most airplay by the right wing media) Jessie Jackson saying he would cut Obama's nuts off


B: More of the same McCain surrogate Graham saying that American's are imagining how bad things are in the economy. Saying everything is alright. Blaming everyone but the fact that the truth is the United States is in a recession.

To me McCain surrogate Graham calling American's stupid is worse. But that's me.

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