Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who's Fault??

So I want to talk about two adds. One is more of the same McCain's tv add that was shown yesterday blaming Democratic candidate Barrack Obama for the high gas prices because he is against oil drilling. I hate to burst that bubble but the gas prices rose dramatically BEFORE he was even in the Senate and more of the same McCain could have done something AT THAT POINT but his good friend Phil Gramm who ended the regulation of the oil industry (another argument against deregulation) is most responsible.

2nd and this is about a week old but I had to talk about this and this is even more disgusting. This is a billboard that was bought in Florida by a Republican. The billboard clearly blames Democrats for 9/11 shows the World Trade Center on fire and since the Republicans only know how to promote fear instead of their own agenda. This billboard is disgusting and of course NOT FACTUAL!

I think we need a reminder about who was in office on 9/11 and who IS ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE: George Bush was President on 9/11 and was warned in August in his Presidential Daily Briefing that "Bin Laden determined to attack the United States". Bush did nothing. REPUBLICANS were in control of Congress and the Senate and did nothing. There is one political party responsible for 9/11 and that is the Republican Party. And I will continue to push that point for as long as necessary. And I won't promote the billboard google search it if you want to see it.

By the way speaking of the next President Obama did anyone see where Iraqi Prime Minister Malaki of Iraq endorsed Obama's plan of withdraw? Funny how he is making Bush and more of the same McCain irrelevant.

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