Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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So I would like to once again offer proof of the myth of liberal bias. Barrack Obama has received, since Hillary Clinton dropped out, 28% of positive media coverage and 72% negative. Meanwhile more of the same McCain has received 43% positive and 57 % negative.

Again this is ALL NETWORKS. And if any conservative says one more time about media bias I have facts on my side.


Robert E Wilson said...

The problem with your argument Erik, is that Obama is getting virtually all the press. Have you watched the news much? Anchors lead every news story with Obama(Yesterday was an exception due to the earthquake). Even if most of what they say is negative - although it doesn't seem that way to me, he is still getting 90% of the attention.

Remember, there is no such thing as bad press.

Networks Tilted 10-to-1 In Favor of Obama World Tour

Erik said...

IF the coverage is ALL NEGATIVE (and that is the problem with your argument cause more of the same McCain is gaining with his Positive coverage where if it was equal there is no way he would be)