Friday, December 28, 2007

Chritmas Grinch

I have two candidates for my Christmas Grinch award this year. First is Cigna Insurance for denying insurance coverage for someone who needed to liver transplant claiming it was "experimental surgery" when it's not. And of course the teenager died.

But the winner, (I know you are shocked) ,continuing to show how he hates American Soldiers who are in harms way is George Bush. The reason is he announced he is going to veto the Defense Policy Bill which among other things gives are brave men and women soldiers a pay raise. His claim of why he is vetoing it is the most stupid thing I've ever heard "on grounds that it would derail Iraq's efforts to rebuild its country".

We now that Bush hates the soldiers as much as he hates America. The last year of him in office can't come soon enough.

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