Tuesday, December 04, 2007


So let me get this straight, Iran abandoned it's nuclear weapons a few years ago but according to this freak in the White House they are still a threat and military action is still on the table? Man I guess Bush is still on drugs.


Robert E Wilson said...

Of course, let's not give Bush any credit whatsoever for Iran's alleged ceasing development of nuclear weapons. I say alleged as this is only one report and other nations, notably Israel are not agreeing with it. It also wasn't reported very much when Libya halted their nuclear weapons research a few years ago, largely because of Bush. Iran halted their program right around the time of the Iraq invasion. Coincidence?

All this through show of strength, conviction, and a persuasive effort to get other nations to see the threat Iran imposed. No invasion or bombing of Iran was necessary. Isn't this a good thing? I, of course, realize you won't see it this way.

Iran is still a threat. A wolf is still a wolf, even if it hasn't eaten your sheep.

Erik said...

Bush DID NOTHING . What does he deserve credit for? Just what two weeks ago he was saying how we are going to go for World War 3 with Iran? Come on don't be that stupid. You give him way to much credit he did nothing to stop Iran in fact if you heard him he still wants to attack. He'll just use another reason like he did Iraq. Robert I thought you were smarter then that.

Iran is as much as a threat as Iraq was which is NONE.

Robert E Wilson said...

Iran not a threat? Boy are you naive! They continue to be a huge threat.

It's funny how you constantly mention that the intelligence community was wrong about WMD in Iraq, but you are so willing to digest this report.

Did you know that the report also states that Iran is still working on enriching uranium? Did you know that the report also states that Iran is still building missiles capable of delivering a nuclear warhead? The only thing the report states that Iran is no longer doing is developing the means to detonate a nuclear weapon. This means that theoretically, they still could develop dirty bombs. They could also potentially purchase the technology to detonate instead of develop it on their own. (North Korea, perhaps?)

Even if you accept the report fully, calling Iran no threat is incredibly naive. They are supporting the insurgency in Iraq so we are in effect, already engaging them.

As for Bush, you are misstating him. He did not say "we are going to go for World War 3 with Iran". He said Iran is a threat to start World War III. Big difference. I'll agree that Bush did not do enough against Iran. He should have imposed harsh sanctions and even considered blocking all non- food/medicine trade.

Erik said...

Actually he did state that we would start WW3. If Bush did anything to make Iran stop building nuclear weapons I would absolutely give him the credit he would deserve but again to say he accomplished something when he didn't. I just don't understand.