Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have a question for anyone who may or may not want to respond but this does apply to anyone who is planning to vote Republican during the next election:

Is it more important to have someone who would represent your religious views who might not be electable or would you sacrifice that in order to retain the Presidency you already have?

I ask that because in the case of Mike Huckabee. He is surging and I wrote about his quotes and the fact he is a baptist minister and some of his stupid, out of touch with reality, (in my opinion) views. He is surging as I said in Iowa but still trails Nationally behind the usual suspects so I wonder what is more important.


Robert E Wilson said...

Why does this question only apply to Republicans? Aren't Democrats religious too. Didn't the Georgia governor recently publicly pray for rain? Didn't "Reverends" Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton run for President?

As far as your question goes. I don't understand the last part about "the Presidency you already have".

Erik said...

It applied to Democrats when they ran but for THIS ELECTION it applies to Republicans. And I would ask the same if either were running in this election. But with the current election it applies to Huckabee. I was clear with my question I can't help with what you don't understand.

Erik said...

It also applies to Republicans because they are always the ones who apply the religion card.