Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yet Again

Yet again Bush shows he hates children as he killed the s-chip bill. If he bothered to look at the actual measure (as I have) none of the things he claims is in the bill is in the bill. But since the bill would help people who wouldn't vote for him mine as well not give them proper care.


Robert E Wilson said...

You're wrong, Erik. Bush hates us all! Why doesn't he give each of us a million dollars so we can all pursue our dreams and live in comfort? Instead, most of us have to struggle in our lives. Bush must really hate all Americans for puuting us through this.

Erik said...

We can go over a laundry list of the harm Bush has created for America but your sarcasm and uncaring for people who can't afford important things like healthcare is really pathetic.

And how many more times have I have to prove exactly what you said though cause that is the most accurate statement you have made.

Robert E Wilson said...

The sure way to increase the number of people who can't afford healthcare is to offer it for free to some. Look at welfare. It's a perfect example of the entitlement mentality.