Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Congrats America you chose wisely. Barrack Obama is the new President as you all know. He is going to be such a nice change from Bush and the deceptive administration in history.

First a couple of suggestions for Republicans if they want to regain any seats or have any shot at President in 2012:

A) Apply the 50 state strategy as Obama did. It obviously works as you see how many states Obama turned from Bush.

B) Try to become more diverse. The fact is if you looked at the Grand Old Party you saw one of the three. Old. And they were pretty much all White. There were nothing but old people who ran for the White House and while of course McCain's Vice Presidential Candidate is 44 and will probably run in 2012 the rest of the party needs to change. There are African American, Latino Republicans out there and they feel left out and they should be included if Republicans want any chance at winning again.

C) The negative ads and campaigning don't work. It was disgusting to watch and I'm sure it cost many votes for McCain. Stick with the issues that show how you differ from Democrats.

That's how Republicans can return but of course you won't.

One thing that was a mood-killer was showing how California allowed discrimination by passing prop 8. Hopefully they will get that overturned when it's sued in court.

Congrats again to President-Elect Obama. Now the work begins.

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