Friday, November 07, 2008

What about Sarah

So the question is what are the Republicans going to do with out of touch Sarah Palin. We know she wants to run as President in 2012 but I have a hunch the following will occur:

With the Alaskans dumb enough to re-elect a convicted criminal (more on that in a second) like Ted Stevens she will appoint herself Senator. Then she will run for President again.

I would LOVE Congress and the Senate to pass the following rule change: If you are indicted on any charge you immediately have to resign and give up your benefits from being a Senator or Congressman. That doesn't mean if you are found not guilty you can't run again but that's where a lot of corruption occurs.

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Tom Michael said...

After Murkowski appointed his daughter to fill a Senate vacancy, Alaska changed its rules. If Stevens resigns, his spot must be filled by special election. Palin just can't appoint herself to the post; she'd have to be voted in.

While the U.S. Constitution now requires Senators to be directly elected, instead of appointed by the legislature, it says nothing about the election requiring a majority, or how to fill vacancies. So those rules vary state-by-state. Which is why Coleman could win with 43% of the vote in Minnesota, but Chambliss has to have a runoff in Georgia because he only got 49% of the vote; and why the Governors of Delaware and Illinois will appoint Biden and Obama's replacements, but if Stevens is replaced the seat will have to be filled through special election.