Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bill O's in Trouble

I always laugh when people's ego get in the way of logic and that's what's happening in the Bill O'Idiot situation. We have heard the racist things he said (even though he must have felt they weren't intended that way) but instead of saying it was a mistake and that wasn't intended he goes and attacks the media who reported WHAT HE SAID.

That's why this won't go away so easily and it shouldn't cause what he said was wrong, demeaning and outright ignorant.

But that's what O'Idiot is.

And also remember that's also what got Imus fired so Bill I suggest you try to man up for once.


Robert E Wilson said...

"African-Americans watch the same news
at night that ordinary Americans do."

- William Jefferson Clinton

Erik said...

Yeah and?? You are a typical Republican I since when I make an argument which as usual makes your side look like the idiots you are you refuse to respond to what I SAY. That shows ignorance on your part and a lack of knowledge. And I DO mean that. I mean I guess you have nothing to say since you know I'm right.

Erik said...

And I'm showing your quote as well as Bill O's quote to my african american friends and see who's worse. That's a fair way to judge. If you have any you do the same.

Robert E Wilson said...

"You are a typical Republican"

For the 1 billionth time, I am not a Republican.

Bill C.'s quote is in the same line as Bill O's quote - they both make a distinction that rules that apply to whites, don't for some reason, apply to blacks.

Erik said...

No it is in NO WAY the same way. And if you aren't a Republican why did you get so pissed when I called right-wingers, accurately, racists? If you weren't you shouldn't have been bothered by that. And again I ask how come you never can make arguments against my points when I make them.

Erik said...

And by the way PRESIDENT Bill Clinton is old news so I realize you are jealous of him but he is no longer relevant unless Hillary wins the election.

Robert E Wilson said...

Not all right-wingers are Republicans and vice-versa. To be exact, you said all conservatives are openly racists.

Keep in mind that I (and many other conservatives) consider Bill O'Reilly and Geworge W. Bush to be liberals.