Monday, September 10, 2007

No Results

After hearing testimony by General Petraeus saying he will start sending the troops involved in the surge home NEXT SUMMER (mind you the report was written by the White House) wonder how this lazy President will but off the troops coming home at that point. Face it ladies and gentlemen the troops aren't ever coming home from Iraq.


Anonymous said...

I'll listen to General Petraeus any day of the week over the likes of Cindy Sheehan, Dennis Kucinich, Code Pink,, Daily Kooks, and all of the other sorry bunch of radical left wing kooks you can drag out of the woodwork, Erik. This is a military mission and to just pack up our bags and abandon Iraq now would simply turn the country over to Al-Qaeda, Syria, and Iran. It would be used as a staging ground to launch more attacks on the U.S. and the West. Is that what you really want, Erik? What are YOUR ideas, what are YOU advocating, WHO are YOU backing for prseident? It's easy to sit there and take pot shots at President Bush like you and your friends at the DailyKooks all day long. Of course President Bush has made some tactical mistakes along the way but at least you always no where he stands unlike the probable Democrat nominee Hitlary Rotten Clinton who daily repositions herself depending on what her campaign's internal tracking polls are saying. Erik, I've said this before and I will say it again: These times call for a Winston Churchill, a Margaret Thatcher, a Ronald Reagan, and FDR, a JFK, a General Patton. Who on the Democrat side of the aisle except perhaps for Joe Lieberman has risen to the occaision? George Bush is not the Great Communicator that Ronald Reagan was but he knows exactly what he's doing to protect our great country and if I could I would vote for him for a third term.

Anonymous said...

Erik, this debate over when to bring the troops home is ridiculous. They come home when the mission is completed. Of course, you never signal the enemy your battle plans with advance notice. That defies all military and strategic logic. The Korean War ended in 1953, 54 years ago, and American troops are still stationed in South Korea. World War II ended in 1945, 62 years ago, and there are still American bases and troops stationed in Germany and other areas of Europe as well. While our troops will be responsibly drawn down in Iraq as conditions on the ground improve, I suspect we will have a military presence in that country for a long time to come regardless of who gets elected president next year. There is too much at stake in the Middle East to just completely abandon it. Obviously there is the oil which modern industrial societies require to fuel their economies. While I favor exploring alternative sources of energy, we're not there yet and we will be dependent on oil like it or not for the forseeable future. There is plenty of oil here in the U.S. but you liberals won't let us drill for it in the Alaskan tundra where an enormous field has been located. There is also plenty of oil off California's coast but we can't drill there either lest we obstruct David Geffen's and Barbra Streisand's view of the Pacific Ocean from their Malibu mansions. In addition to the oil in the Middle East there is our long time friend and ally Israel. Our friendship and support of Israel (which I strongly support) is a source of conflict in the Middle East. Should we abandon Israel, Erik? I would hope not. The world is a very hostile, dangerous, and complex place, Erik. It does not lend itself to the simplistic solutions offered by individuals such as Congressman Dennis Kucinich in your party or Congressman Ron Paul in my party, Erik. Hillary Clinton has been all over the map on Iraq and her views change daily and are constantly updated to reflect the results of her daily tracking polls and focus groups. John Edwards and Barack Obama don't have any real strategy for Middle East Security and basically parrot the lines of radical left groups like Moveon.Org and Daily Kos. Dennis Kucinich seems to be more closely aligned with the lunatic left fringe such as Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan. No, Erik you are wrong on Iraq and so is the appeasement contigent which controls your party. Only Sen. Joe Lieberman makes any sense on this issue and you guys have practically run him out of your party. I'll take President Bush's and General Petraeus' policies any day of the week over the radical, irresponsible, conspiracy theory mongering radical left. Now that you know exactly where I stand on this issue, what policies do YOU advocate for the Middle East and what presidential candidate comes closest to your views, Erik?