Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Football Take

Just wanted to give a take on the upcoming College Football season since it's here. I'll talk Pro Football next week.

USC is so loaded it's scary. They are like a pro team. Better then a few pro teams (my Raiders included). I'll be surprised if they lose a game this year they are so damned talented. The National Championship is theirs to lose.

As far as my UCLA Bruins I see three loses in their schedule. Their defense will keep them in games but the offense is still in question.

Prediction for National Championship game USC vs. Virginia Tech as the sentimental team.

This years surprise team: Hawaii


Robert E Wilson said...

The Trojans find themselves in the extremely unenviable spot where seemingly everybody picks them to blast through the season

They got a great defense and a great offensive line. I'm not sure the quarterback, running backs, are receivers are as strong as everyone seems to think.

Erik said...

Running backs are since they have 10 in camp we will see about the rest. Hell Robert I'm giving USC credit and you know that's hard being a UCLA fan.

Robert E Wilson said...

Don't think that I don't know your motives. If UCLA beats USC, then the Bruins are awesome and you can talk about the overrated Trojans. If USC beats UCLA, then you saw this coming since you praised USC before the season began.

Either way, you win (in your own mind anyways). :)

Erik said...

I don't think the Bruins will beat them this year I don't see it. Last year was a fluke I know it I'll be shocked if they do it again.

Erik said...

Here is what I don't understand.. I'm giving USC the credit they deserve as a great team (not like I want to) but you think I have ulterior motives? I'm just trying to give respect nothing else.

Robert E Wilson said...

Okay, I apologize if I misconstrued your intentions.

We're only 1 week into the season and quite honestly, both UCLA and California looked better than USC does at this point. USC is going to be really tested in Nebraska in two weeks. Then we'll see if they deserve all this pre-season hype.

Erik said...

USC didn't schedule Appalachian State did they? Can you believe that?

Erik said...

Now don't get me wrong though if UCLA beats USC I'll be happy but it doesn't mean they don't deserve respect