Thursday, September 20, 2007


I would like to talk YET AGAIN how these Republicans in Senate and the House are hypocrites and here is the best proof of them all. We have serous issues like Iraq, Global Warming, major companies importing tainted good from China, gas prices and what do the Republicans do? Have a vote condemning a ad that attacks Petraeus! Just to show what Republicans think are a waste of time here are some quotes on things like the Iraq War:

“Mr. President, we have nearly finished this little exhibition, which was staged, I assume, for the benefit of a briefly amused press corps and in deference to political activists opposed to the war.” [Sen. John McCain, 7/18/07]

“We have just seen a procedure in the last 24 hours that was a colossal waste of time.” [Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), 7/18/07]

“I want an open and honest debate, and not political posturing. I was sent here to take action, not waste time on non-binding and empty resolutions.” [Sen. Craig Thomas (R-WY), 2/23/07]

Thanks to for that.

Now I also wonder where these same Republicans are when the swiftboaters were attacking John Kerry when he was running for President? The silence was deafening.

And a reminder that is about associated to Democrats as Swift boaters were to Republicans.

If that's not a hypocrite I don't know what is.

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