Saturday, September 08, 2007


George Bush failed to this date and time. That's the bottom line as Osama Bin Laden released another video tape. Bush failed to avenge the attacks on 9/11 cause Bush decided to go invade Iraq instead who had nothing to do with 9/11. Bush failed. Bush in the so-called war on terror did nothing to lessen Al Qaeda. Bush failed. Bush who did nothing to stop the attacks on 9/11 despite being told in advance an attack was imminent Bush failed. Robert, Geoff you can try to spin this anyway you want but those are the facts to this date and time. And I'm not even saying those facts can't change but the bottom line is Bush failed.


Anonymous said...

Yes, let's elect Barack Obama president. He's promised to invade Pakistan! Bill and Hillary already had their chance, but Osama slipped right through their fingers thanks to Sandy Berger advising him not hit him when they had the chance. Obviously I'm joking, Erik, but do you think the party of appeasement can do better than the Republicans fighting the war on terrorism? If so, how? Get REAL man! JFK and Henry Jackson are dead. You guys have all but thrown Joe Leiberman out of your party. Get real, dude!

Anonymous said...

Erik, I need to comment on this conspiracy theory horseshit that President Bush knew about 9/11 in advance and allowed the attacks to happen. First of all, only a truly sick, evil, twisted, and deranged person (like a Hitler or Stalin) would deliberately allow terrorists to attack their country. I know you don't like President Bush, but do you truly think he's THAT sick and evil? We know that President Bush received warning prior to 9/11 that Al-qaeda wanted to strike at the U.S. But this is nothing new. Before 911 Islamofascist terrorists had previously hit the World Trade Center, attacked the U.S.S. Cole, hit our embassies in Kenya and attacked our military base in Saudi Arabia. The warnings that President Bush received about an impending attack were very general; no specifics such as how, when, and where. I wish you would stop soaking up all this conspiracy theory crap which no doubt you recive from radical left wing websites like Daily Kos and Moveon.Org. I know some conspiracy theory loons on the far right who believe that FDR knew that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor, but did nothing so he could drag us in to the war. Just like you have far left wackos in your party like Dennis Kucinich we have similar eccentrics like Ron Paul who advocate a simple minded policy of isolationism which was popular in this country between WWI and WWII but unrealistic for the current era.

Erik said...

What have the Republicans exactly done??Oh yeah NOTHING! Osama is still a threat. Al Queda is stronger then they were BEFORE 9/11.

Joe Lieberman is more conservative then Bush so he should be a Republican.

And Robert these are facts:

Osama is still alive
Al Queda is still a threat
Bush, the commander in chief has done nothing to stop them.

Robert E Wilson said...

"And Robert these are facts:"

I didn't say anything. Why are you calling me out?

While I'm here, how can you use the word "should" in a sentence and then call it a "fact"?

Anonymous said...

You asked, "what have the Republicans done". Well, Erik, glad you asked. We have liberated two countries, Iraq and Afghanistan from the yoke of Islamofascist rule. Saddam Hussein, one of the most dangerous leaders in the Middle East has been brought to justice along with his top henchemen. A number of Al-qaeda's top leadership have also been apprehended and brought to justice. They say Osama is hiding out in a part of Pakistan that is beyond the control of President Musharref, but our special forces are on the hunt for him. President Bush has successfully protected our country since 09/11 and he can wiretap as many phone calls has he wants as far as I'm concerned to protect our country. What, by the way, do YOU suggest we do Erik, what are YOUR ideas. Just withdraw from Iraq and elect Hitlary Rotten Clinton president? Close down Guantanamo and release the terrorists? Oh yes that will solve everything, won't it. Erik?