Sunday, September 02, 2007


This might or might not surprise you but I wanted to talk about Mariel Garza's column in the Los Angeles Daily News about illegal immigrant Elvira Arellano. For those who are not aware she received (wrongly) a sympathetic reporting from the media who conveniently forgot she is a criminal and for she was deported after being arrested here in Los Angeles for being an illegal immigrant as well as illegally having a social security number. (Funny I thought that meant jail time). She was hiding in a Chicago Church (which shouldn't anyone who knowingly hid her be arrested for aiding and abetting a convicted criminal)

So in the column Garza actually has the nerve to compare this woman to Rosa Parks. I mean come on here Parks was a champion for civil rights Arellano hasn't done anything except trying to save her own ass. The media tried to create sympathy for her saying how she was being separated from her son etc. well doesn't anyone care that's the choice SHE made by knowingly breaking the law?

Quit treating her like a hero cause she is a criminal and is getting what she deserves!


Anonymous said...

Erik, I can't believe this: We FINALLY agree on something. Your're absolutely right. She's no Rosa Parks. Illegal immigration is wrong and cannot be compared to the Civil Rights movement.

Robert E Wilson said...

Agreed, also.

Erik said...

As I've always said I'm not liberal on every issue. I talk about what I believe is right and wrong and anyone who treats this person as a hero is wrong.