Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cabinet Suggestions

I figure while I talked previously about who each candidate might pick for Vice President I want to throw some ideas for some key cabinet members. Starting with Obama. I'll get to more of the same McCain eventually.

Attorney General: John Edwards. Think about it he has experience going against corporations who willingly break the law (something that has been allowed with the current administration). He in my opinion would be a perfect fit for this.

Sec. of State: Hillary Clinton. If she doesn't get Vice President I think this would a good role for her as she is tough which, unlike Sec. Rice, you need to be in this position.

Sec. of Defense: Gen. Wesley Clark. I've heard Chuck Hagel's name mentioned in this job but again if you want someone who will bring respect contrary to Rummy and Gates he will do it.

I'll have some more ideas regarding other positions soon.

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