Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who has done more

So Bush said today how Democrats and specifically Obama are "appeasers". Let's take a look at that shall we? We've had 8 years of a joke of a so-called President who has the shoot them first shoot them last and then sort out the bodies and all that has done is leave us billions in debt and no end to our occupation in Iraq.

Obama will attack those who threaten our well-being BUT there is nothing wrong FIRST with trying to bring a peaceful resolution to problems. Nothing wrong at all.

And one more thing to the people in Israel. Don't fall for Bush's threats. No one has done more to help enemies of Israel then the Bush family. First George Bush's grandfather Prescott helped bring Hitler to power George's dad gave weapons of destruction to Israel's enemies Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden and the Bush family and Bin Laden family our business partners so if anyone in Israel thinks the Bush's are friends, they are not!

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Tom Michael said...

An op-ed in Saturday's LA Times addressed the "appeasement" issue quite well, I thought. If we all followed the conservative line every time they shouted "appeasement," the world would have been turned into a radioactive cinder 45 years ago.,0,647492.story