Monday, May 26, 2008


I always find it disgusting when I watch Bush lay flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier for two reasons:

A) When it was his time to serve his country he went AWOL.

B) He ordered a lot of those soldiers to die himself for his own personal amusement.


Robert E Wilson said...

"He ordered a lot of those soldiers to die himself for his own personal amusement."

And you know this, how?

Erik said...

Well first google search Scott McClellen's new book for one example.

Second we have commented together how poorly our men and women who are serving have been treated.

Third stories like oh this

and if you want some more

And if you look at who was responsible for this it was Halliburton and subsidiaries of them and I'm sure I don't need to remind you who in the White House was in charge of Halliburton.

Fourth there is NO REASON (which you have said yourself) for us to be in Iraq in anyway. There was no reason to go and no reason for us to stay. We are in our current economic crisis in large part due to our occupation.

And last look at the fact Bush doesn't support the new GI Bill. I think soldiers DESERVE that bill and that idiot opposes it for no reason except to further insult our troops.

Robert E Wilson said...

I'm missing something somewhere. Where in all these links and references you are giving does it indicate that Bush is getting his jollies over the death of American soldiers?

I have never said we have no reason to be in Iraq. We have many valid reasons to be there.

As McCain pointed out, the GI bill you are talking about would undermine our operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The armed forces were never meant to be a free or nearly free ride to college.