Monday, May 19, 2008

Who is Reckless

I've said this before and I will continue to point this out. More of the same McCain (who I swear recently said he wasn't going to do personal attacks on soon to be President Obama) said how Obama was "reckless" in wanting to talk with Iran FIRST.

I will say this with more of the same McCain: You have seen where a shoot first ask questions later freak has gotten us which is in an occupation of Iraq(which you have said and I will always point out we will be there 100 years) and has lead us in debt cause the idiot in the White House had no plan at all. Now if we can take a look at recent history and I will take a look at Republican Presidents only who have talked first:

Current President: Talked with and reached agreement with Lybia to reach agreement for them ending their nuclear program for exchange of food.

Ronald Reagan: Even though him being credited for ending communism is extremely overplayed he DID talk with several times Russia during the Cold War.

Richard Nixon: China. Enough said.

You can read history and see how you talk first. But now we have the Republicans who are the ones who are reckless and don't care how many lives that they have ruined and will continue to ruin with their reckless shoot first policies!

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