Thursday, May 08, 2008

Who's Fault??

So I heard a caller to a talk show yesterday say to name three things Bush is responsible for that has hurt our country. I wish I was on hold for that cause I could have gone on for 1 hour saying what he has done to hurt us domestically and internationally. Here is a few things that Bush is responsible for and Robert I know you are in the nothing is Bush's fault but you are wrong.

1) Afghanistan. Let's see we have the person responsible for the 9/11 attacks there. Someone who Bush himself has said he doesn't think about anymore who is somewhere there. And he doesn't care. Talk about a slap in the face for those who have died on 9/11. And the fact that Al Queda and the Taliban have appeared to have strengthened there means HE did nothing.

2) Iraq. No exit strategy. Over 4000 troops dead. Millions of dollars in debt. No end in site. Just wants to dump it on Obama when he wins in November.

3) Oil. Remember the meetings the Dick Cheney had with executives from the oil industry?? I do. Remember how he fought to keep the details of the meetings secret? I do. Where are we now?? Close to $4 per gallon of gas. Before Bush invaded and now occupies Iraq gas was about $30 per barrel. Remember that

4) The recession we are currently in. Bush denies it but every sane person knows we are in one. The result of the war in Iraq, gas prices, job loses, record deficit and no end in site.

5) Lack of response after Katrina. Where was Bush when Katrina was devastating New Orleans? At a photo op with John McCain. I suppose there is irony there as New Orleans was slowly being destroyed by flooding by levees that Bush removed funding to shore up so he can have his Iraq War.

6) September 11, 2001. That's right he knew an attack was coming when he was briefed in August that Bin Laden determined to strike in the United States. He choose to ignore it and look what happened.

7) The shredding of the constitution. Our right with spying on Americans being taken away. The fact he thinks he is above the law. Signing statements stating how laws passed don't apply to him or anyone associated with him, Valerie Plame and giving a pardon to Scooter and so many others it's sad and I hope when Obama gets the nod in November he restores our credibility!

8) Every child left behind. When I heard about that bill I liked that idea. Little did I know how he would not fund it and basically ignore it. What a joke. But then again so is he

Anyone add anything else Bush has done feel free.

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