Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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This story links to a case that's going before the California Supreme Court. The case involves a woman who is a lesbian who is suing her doctors who state, based on religious beliefs, they will not inseminate her.

Now what I would like is for someone to state where exactly in the bible does it state that a lesbian woman cannot have a child? From what I have seen it doesn't say that anywhere.

What this is is a pure discrimination. This has nothing to do with religion but more with PERSONAL beliefs. This is a choice the doctors made. Just like pharmacists who refuse to give morning after pills. The doctors should be sued AND have their licenses suspended for this.


Robert E Wilson said...

Instead of making a federal case out of this, why doesn't the woman just switch doctors? I mean if I don't like a doctor, I'd just find another one I was more comfortable with.

This is totally overblown.

Erik said...

BUT that's not even the point. The doctor is refusing to do the procedure because if his personal belief. If you can point out where in the bible it says otherwise let me know.

Robert E Wilson said...

No, that is the point entirely! The doctor has his/her rights too. Who is the woman, or you to determine what the doctors beliefs should be?

The lady should just find another doctor, plain and simple. This is a major problem in this country today (and believe me, I know what I'm talking about). We choose litigation over common sense.

Erik said...

No actually doctors have an oath they take and they can't refuse patients based on race gender sexual preference. Sorry you are wrong.Doctors have to take me even though I'm fat doctors have to take you.

And actually who is the DOCTOR to say my personal beliefs (again this has NOTHING to do with religion) is more important then what the patient needs. It's the same thing as you said.

Robert E Wilson said...

This lady was not denied treatment for an illness or for something to save her life. It was a completely voluntary thing. The hyppocratic oath does not apply here.

Considering that homosexuality is strictly forbidden in Islam (after all, there are no gays in Iran, right?), I wonder if this scenario would have played any differently with you or the media had the doctor been Muslim instead of Christian.