Sunday, May 25, 2008

Who's To Blame??

So in his column today in the Los Angeles Daily News Bill O'Idiot claims how BOTH PARTIES are to blame for the current oil prices. I think we need a reminder of history O'Idiot! First shortly after Bush stole the White House Cheney had meetings with top oil executives. We never knew what was said in those meetings because Cheney successfully blocked a release of the minutes since he doesn't want (as always) the public to know.

Flashback to Bush deciding, for no reason, to invade Iraq. Oil prices were $24 a barrel at that point and we were promised how the oil in Iraq was supposed to pay for this occupation we are in and there was nothing to worry about.

Keep also in mind who was in charge of both the Congress and the Senate which was the Republican Party and they chose to ignore the problem.

So there you have who REALLY is responsible for the oil crisis we are currently in. That is the Republicans.

Just an FYI be sure if you have HBO to watch Recount about how Bush stole the election in 2000. Again a reminder and how far we have dropped as a country and the depths the Republicans will go to lie steel and cheat and not allow EVERY VOTE TO COUNT.


Robert E Wilson said...

As I stated earlier; Get over it!

Examining the Vote:


Erik said...

As I said you wouldn't if it was on the other hand. And you know it.

Erik said...

And everytime you say that I will ask as always why shouldn't EVERY VOTE COUNT!

Robert E Wilson said...

"As I said you wouldn't if it was on the other hand. And you know it."

No, I don't.