Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Disgusting

I watched the replay of the debate on C-Span last night (I know I need a life) and I noticed three things:

A) After the debate insane more of the same McCain refused to shake Obama's hand afterwords

B) Insane more of the same McCain just left after instead of staying and meeting members of the audience which is standard. I guess he was pissed at his horrible performance.

C) He didn't acknowledge the African-American who asked a question and refused to say her name. I think insane more of the same McCain's showing his true self. And Robert take that as you will but there is a clear pattern.

So to sum it up Obama destroyed insane more of the same McCain in a debate which format was demanded by insane more of the same McCain. That sucking sound is the air coming out of McCain's campaign.


Robert E Wilson said...

John McCain has proved himself to be a good man. He has devoted himself to serve his country for almost his entire life. He speaks his mind, he speaks the truth, and his actions reflect what he believes is best for the country.

You don't have to like his politics, I know I don't. But the man deserves respect. Calling him names is just plain classless and tasteless and shows more about you than it does about him.

Tom Michael said...

Sorry, but you miss the point. John McCain has not "proved himself to be a good man;" he proved himself to HAVE BEEN a good man, in one situation, once upon a time. People change.

John McCain once spoke his mind, once spoke the truth, and once acted as he believed best for this country. He stopped doing so early in this campaign for President. I know many people (and can point to many of their blogs quite easily) who WANTED to support McCain this time, but won't because of the way he's flip-flopped on issues, replaced "straight talk" with prevarications, and abandoned previously expressed principles for an unholy embrace of what's best for John McCain.

John McCain deserves respect for many things in his past. But his present deserves nothing but contempt.

Do you really think he believed picking Sarah Palin as Vice President was best for the country? No, it was best for John McCain. His "Country First" slogan is one of the more crass examples of applying the Big Lie principle of propaganda to American politics.

Note this prediction: after the increasingly inevitable Democratic landslide effectively ends his political career, McCain will publish a book regretting how bad advice caused him to abandon his principles and campaign the way he has. It's an easy prediction to make, as he did much the same thing after 2000. What I can't predict is whether he'll admit that it was HIS CHOICE time after time to abandon those principles that led to his defeat.

Erik is sometimes over the top, but I think he's called this one exactly right. If you want another take on "Hero John," see this month's Rolling Stone. or read it online at

Erik said...

And one more thing if you think I'm being disrespectful toward insane more of the same John McCain if I posted half the stuff I've found about him and have been sent emails about him but have been unable to confirm you would be sick.

I am basing my opinions (and yes it is my opinion) on what his words and his actions. Nothing else. You have not been able to show me I'm wrong in any of the cases I have shown until you do I will continue to post what I see and hear from him.

Erik said...

And yes Robert look at the REAL insane more of the same McCain. Look at that article about him. It shows what a "hero" is.

Robert E Wilson said...


I was taught and still believe in respecting my elders - not to mention Presidential candidates. Obviously you see it differently but when I see John McCain campaigning, I see a very decent human being who happens to be a politician. He is human and makes mistakes. As a politician, he sometimes talks out of both sides of his mouth.

I appreciate you acknowledging that Erik can get carried away with himself. When he calls McCain "more of the same", that's one thing since it expresses a political opinion. When he calls McCain "insane", that is personal and really disgusting and hypocritical of Erik who put the word "disgusting" in the title of this post. Obama is a politician also and has been inconsistent throughout this campaign. Just to give an example; Obama has told some audiences he would get the troops out of Iraq within 16 months after he becomes President. He tells other audiences how we must be prudent, not use timelines, and listen to what the Generals advise. Does this behavior warrant name-calling?

Yes, I do think that John McCain believed he was doing a service to his country by picking Sarah Palin as his running mate. McCain wants to be President because he believes he can serve the country better than his opponent. He believed Palin was the best choice to help him get elected. Hence, picking her was in America's best interest.

As for the article - I'm not so sure on the credibility of a political article from Rolling Stone. I'll just say it portrays McCain as a human being. Note, I never personally used the words "hero" or "maverick" to describe him. McCain is light years away from being an ideal candidate for me. However, he is an accomplished Senator, as is Obama, and I would never resort to name-calling on such people, whether or not I agree with their politics. Again, I charge that Erik is revealing more about himself when he does this.

By the way, your link doesn't work. Here's a working link.

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