Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sad Ending

The Dodgers season just ended tonight. That was a great run but the Phillies were just a better team. They found ways to win.

This will present an interesting off season for the Dodgers though. They have quite a few free agents but in my opinion here is who they should re-sign:

Rafael Furcal. I know he had a horrible post season but he is still a great shortstop.

Manny Ramirez. Duh. I know he will be expensive but you can't say he doesn't produce.

Derek Lowe. This is a questionable considering his age (sad but I'm older then him) but he's durable and will give you a lot of innings.

Casey Blake. He was solid down the stretch and a leader in the clubhouse.

Now if only they can find a sucker for Andruw Jones (can you say DH) but I do hope they keep Pierre if only for his speed.

So I say bye to Brad Penny and Jeff Kent (not sure who else is a free agent) but DeWitt will be solid and they have the young pitching to replace Penny.

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