Saturday, October 04, 2008

What will it be

Just wondering what the Republicans will attempt at their October surprise this year to try to steal the election. I think I narrowed it down to three possibilities.

A) The capture or death of Bin Laden. Not likely since Bush himself has said he never thinks about him but still that would be their best bet.

B) A phony raise of the terror level. They will, as they always do, claim they have a credible threat (which they don't) and they will try to scare people (as they always try) into submission

C) Start rumors of an affair that Obama never had. The media in its ever willingness to smear will report it whether it's factual or not.

Changing the subject briefly I see O.J. was found guily on all counts last night. I hope the conviction was for this crime and not the one done years ago.

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