Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Not??

The funny thing (as we have been told we are expecting yet another round of Santa Ana winds) is how people say how weather forecasters shouldn't say when the winds are coming cause people who set fires will know. If have a couple of problems with that:

A) They are saying weather people shouldn't say what the weather is

B) People who set fires will know it's windy anyway when they wake up and see it's windy

C) The fire last week was set by a downed power line and not by hand

D) If there is a problem (and this is with things like high-speed chases as well) is there really is a lack of follow-up by the media on the fires that are set by human hands. We don't know what charges they face we don't really find out what time they get we don't know what eventually happens to these people and in the end that would be the ultimate way to show people how stupid they are if they even think about it.

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