Friday, January 29, 2010

Biggest Liars

Nothing like the biggest liars among the Republicans who are continuously showing disrespect for President Obama when he speaks to the nation. First during the State of theUnion there were two incidents. First Justice Samuel Alieto clearly mouthing that's not true when President Obama sated about the horrible Supreme Court Ruling that money from big businesses are going to influence election. Actually Mr. Justice that is true. Second the camera showed John McCain telling Lindsey Graham about how President Obama was going to (accurately) blame Bush for leaving the country in the mess we are in.

But two incidents yesterday also caught my eye because they are such lies if anyone believes them they are stupid. First I present Karl Rove who called President Obama "weak" for attacking Bush (accuarately) during the State of the Union for putting our country where we are today. Now if you look at the above link you will see how both Ronald Reagan and Dubya did THE EXACT SAME THING during their first State of the Union addresses! Of course Rove thinks people are too stupid to look this up.

Second I present former New York Mayor Giuliani. He actually went on tv and said that President Obama never said the word "war" during the speech. All you have to do is look at the transcript of the speech and find the word "war" mentioned 7 times. I guess Rudy was in the bathroom during that.

So the Republicans continue to think America is stupid. Anyone who believes them is.


Robert E Wilson said...

What a wonderful tone to your message.

"Agree with me or you're stupid."

It reminds me of a certain children's story regarding an emperor.

Erik said...

Republicans say that all the time. Why can't I use the same exact tone you do? If you don't like it look in the mirror. Really to be straight with you if you don't like what I have to say, even though I took being called things like treason for being against bush's war, been told I'm "un American" for being against the war told I can't support the troops I took it. So I'm giving you a choice I never had: if you don't like me using the same words your side uses either complain to your side or don't come here. Contrary to your side I give you a choice.

Robert E Wilson said...

Two things:

One, there is no way you have the moral high ground here. I, and people who think like me are called "fascists", "nazis", "teabaggers", "heartless", and of course "racist" (as you have called me). These words are used all the time by the likes of Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Bill Meher. Don't tell me to look in the mirror. I never stoop to the level of applying labels on you or anyone else, regardless of whether or not they agree with me.

Second, let's go to your world for a minute and pretend everything you wrote was true. How then, do you explain this sentence?

"Republicans say that all the time. Why can't I use the same exact tone you do?" (Never mind that you are labeling me a "Republican" again.)

Aren't you better than them? Isn't your argument so strong that you don't have to resort to name calling and laying down ultimatums?

Erik said...

actually Robert you only have experienced about one tenth of what I did under bush especially since the media is on your side. Robert don't play the victim you just look bad. Bottom line as I said if you don't like what I have to say don't come here.

Erik said...

By the way what is anything you are rambling about have to do with my post other then you rambling incoherently

Robert E Wilson said...

"By the way what is anything you are rambling about have to do with my post other then you rambling incoherently."

Read that sentence out loud to yourself and tell me who is being incoherent.

In case you haven't been paying attention, this discussion has been about the tone of your post, not the post, itself.

I NEVER play the victim. That's your job.