Monday, January 11, 2010

Idiots of the week

I have a tie for the idiot of the week.

First Harry Reid. While I don't like him as a leader and feel he should resign because he is weak. Those comments aren't nearly as bad as those from Republican leader Rush Limbaugh. Those comments he made were I feel horrible but he, unlike people like Rush, did apologize to the President and the President allegedly accepted (I would feel differently if he didn't) there shouldn't be an issue. Where is Michael Steele's critizism of the "Barrack the magic negro" song proudly played by the right-wing hypocrites?

But the clear winner is Rudy Giuliani. He went on Good Morning America on Friday and said "There were no domestic terror attacks under George Bush". Dana Perino said something simular on Fox in November. Now correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't 9/11 under George Bush? Wasn't the Anthrax attacks under George Bush? How about the D.C. Sniper? Richard Reed? The attacks at LAX where two El Al airline reps were shot? The 2006 SUV attack at at the University of North Carolina? Do any of these ring any bells? I guess Republicans think if you tell a lie often enough you start to believe it. I won't cause I know the truth and that is these events actually DID HAPPEN!

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