Monday, January 04, 2010

One Step Behind

Here is the whole problem with the war on terror. We always seem to be a step behind. Let's start with Al Queda. First they were in Afghanistan. We attack they allegedly move to Iraq. We attack they move to Pakistan, we attack and now they are either in Yemen or Somalia even if we attack there they will move to other friendly countries. Problem we are always a step behind.

Now let's take a look at the recent attacks and attempted attacks. After 9/11 stricter security measures were in place. We had the shoe bomber now people have to take off their shoes we had the attempted attack on Christmas. Now passengers are stuck on the last hours of flights can't go to the bathrooms all pillows and blankets are taken. Again we are a step behind.

We need people to start thinking about how to get a step ahead.


Tom Michael said...

To stop getting behind, we need to stop reacting and be proactive. To do that, we need to stop solely treating this like a war - which it isn't - and start treating it like a police response to an international criminal organization - which is what is really happening. The tactics that work against the Mafia should work against Al-Qaeda. Sometimes, using only a military response isn't enough, though military use has its place.

Erik said...

But of course Republicans think you bomb them into the stone age will work when that only aligns people with the terrorists.