Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Why are Republicans always seem to be willing to give up our freedoms? When the patriot act (or as I always call it the invasion of privacy act) was passed that's exactly what happens. And as always when Republicans pass something they screw it up. Yet when it comes to things that might help people like heathcare reform, jobs the Republicans are always against it. They never want to help anyone but big business. They are willing to sacrafice our freedoms for big business and that's what needs to be stopped. Remember the saying those who are willing to sacrafice freedom for security deserve nether.


Robert E Wilson said...

You've got it backwards as usual, Erik.

The current healthplan reform bill forces people in some states to pay for the healthcare of other states due to the bribing of certain Senators to pass the bill. The current bill will limit my choices, lower the quality of service, and make me pay more for it. That's tyranny, not freedom.

That's just talking about the current bill. If it passes, it will be just be the beginning of a long line of new bills released with the intent of correcting problems and adding new government controls, but all they will do is add cost and lower quality. Why do I know this? Look at the one-time best in the world American Educational system.

Democrats and many Republicans believe in all this government control. That's not freedom and it's certainly not the ideal this upon which this country was founded. In fact, our Constitution is about freedom from government.

The primary responsibility of the federal government is the defense and security of our freedoms. As you had pointed out many times, the Bush administration failed their first test, you won't acknowledge that the Obama administration has failed their first test as well. (I do realize the results were different but that's not the point.)

Erik said...

Robert how can you be so un-american and not support your country like that?

Erik said...

Robert seriously if you actually paid attention to people outside of the drug addict you would know all of what your are saying is bs. First if you like your insurance you will keep it. No more changes will be done. Second off and I have told you this before I present the case of my father who was told by the CURRENT SYSTEM OF DEATH PANELS that he couldn't be on the kidney donor list because he was too old. THAT IS THE CURRENT SYSTEM . And yes I do take this seriously. You state the typical right wing lunacy instead of looking at the actual bill and you are ignorant for doing that. I guess you shouldn't care about my father but you know I do.

Robert E Wilson said...

"Robert how can you be so un-american and not support your country like that?"

What are you talking about?

"if you actually paid attention to people outside of the drug addict..."

(Isn't it nice that we don't all call people by what we perceive to be their short-comings.) I never listen to Rush Limbaugh, never. I honestly have no idea when he is on the air and I do not read his articles.

I do read from people whom I believe are intelligent and informed. I don't idly state that the current healtcare reform bill will limit choices, cost more, and lower quality of service.

Whether it's through higher premiums, increased taxes, or costs passed on to me by companies that have been taxed to pay for national healthcare, those of us who work for a living will have lighter wallets. There is no question about that. Obama has never clearly said where the money is coming from but it's obvious.

Health Insurance companies will be burdened with more bureaucracy (that's really saying something), increased costs of operation, and more demands from their customers. Many are going to fail, thus, decreasing the choices we have.

Health Insurance companies, with all the added complications of federal regulations, will find ways to decrease services to keep costs down. That means more situations like what your father is experiencing, not less. What is in the current bill that makes you feel otherwise?

Finally, I am going to assume that my earlier comments sparked a knee-jerk reaction and got you posting the irresponsible statement you posted yesterday. You should retract it but that's up to you. You realize of course, that I had stated some time earlier that I am in favor of healthcare reform, I am just not in favor of the current bill or any of the ideas behind it.