Friday, May 19, 2006

Barry Bonds

Every so often I like to take a break about talking pollitical stuff and take on other issues. I'd like to talk about everyone's(except in San Francisco) least favorite baseball player Barry Bonds.

Now being a Los Angeles Dodgers die hard fan I'm no fan of Barry Bonds especially since he plays for the hated ones the San Francisco Giants but here is my question to everyone out there who boos Barry Bonds outside of Los Angeles - why?

I know the allegations of him using steroids and people thinking that it's cheating but remember when it was alleged he was using steroids it was legal. And the fans fault in part. Remember fans want to see homeruns fans want to see things like what McGwire and Sosa and Bonds did.

Now did Bonds use steroids? I suspect he did but again there is no proof and again it was legal at the time so it doesn't matter. Now if you hate Bonds cause he's a jerk (when Bonds hit homerun 713 in Philly when the fan who caught it Bonds refused to sign the ball saying get the "f" out of here) that's fine. I hate him cause he plays for my rival team. But don't hate him because he's accused of taking a legal (at the time) product.


Robert E Wilson said...

"Did Bonds use steroids?"

Of course he did. He even admitted to it. The catch is he used the BALCO steroids, which were manufactured specifically to be undetectable by current testing methodology. Bonds actually claimed that while he took the BALCO drugs, he didn't know they were steroids (yeah, right! I believe that as much as I believe OJ Simpson was framed.)

Erik said...

You mean he did it??