Monday, May 22, 2006

NFL in Los Angeles

I guess the inevitable is coming. The NFL is going to return to Los Angeles and I promise you I won't be going to any games where they want to play. The Los Angeles Memorial Collisseum. The stadium is a dump. I guess they are going to renovate it but if you have ever seen the area it's in it's not pretty. No real public transportation and parking is a big disaster.

Here are a few questions I'm going to have: As always first and formost who is going to pay for it cause I don't think taxpayers SHOULD pay for ANY stadiums/arenas since the owners can easily afford it and I am against any taxpayer funded statiums. It's like being invited to a party and being told after you arrive you have to pay for food/drinks.

Will we get an expansion team or a relocated team? I think that will have a lot to do with how the city supports the team. I think an expansion team would be more popular because it will be something the city can call it's own.(I know the Dodgers and Lakers and Clippers are relocated teams)

I would also like to know what relocated team/s would we be getting. Facts are if we get a team like the Chargers who's owners don't care about the team we won't support them.

While they renovate the Colliseum where will USC play? Rose Bowl would probably be the only reasonable option as a UCLA fan I wouldn't want the stench that is USC Football played there. Then again I don't think they would play at Dodger Stadium maybe Home Depot Center.


Robert E Wilson said...

I would have thought you'd be used to the Trojans playing in the Rose Bowl by now. :)

Erik said...

And choking??