Sunday, May 14, 2006


I'd like to talk, as usual on Sunday, about Bill O'Reilly's column in today's Los Angeles Daily News. Today Bill is upset that "ultra-left liberals" are speaking at college graduation ceremonies and not all conservatives. Now in the same column a few paragraphs later he states the John McCain AND Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (last I checked neither are liberal) are speaking at graduation ceremonies in New York and Boston.

But yet Bill is upset the Sen. Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer, both New York Senators, are speaking at New York colleges and, he's upset that California Senator Barbara Boxer is speaking at a California college and actor Mike Farrell (of MASH) is peaking at Utica College.

I'm confused don't colleges have the right to ask who they want to speak at these event or do they not? Do they not have any rights? Does Bill O'Reilly look at his own column and see what he is writing? Wait he's probably too stupid to write it himself because he would see his own contradictions.

Once a loser always a loser.

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