Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Blame Game

I'd like to talk about one thing the Republicans like to do and that is place blame on everyone but themselves about today's problems in society. Nevermind they control all 3 branches of government. Here is what another example of what I mean:

First, from his press conference yesterday, Sec. Rumsfeld said the following "In addition, cuts and delays in providing funds for the Iraqi security forces will delay what has been truly significant progress in turning over greater responsibility and territory to Iraq’s army and police. A slowdown in training and equipping the Iraqi security forces will have unacceptable harmful effects of postponing the day when our men and women in uniform can return home with the honor and appreciation they deserve."

The reason why I listed that link is because REALITY shows that he is not spending the money. In 2005 if the $7 BILLION DOLLARS he received in funds he spent 40%. 40% of funds that is supposed to go OUR TROOPS. Where the other 60% is going I don't know. Maybe he's keeping it who knows all I know is he is directly responsible for funding our troops and he is not. But as per normal with this administration it's always someone else's fault.

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