Sunday, May 21, 2006

Da Vinci Code

Another movie is out that's getting panned by the religious right. Just like Brokeback Mountain did just like even Harry Potter did. You may recall how the religious right kept saying how Harry Potter was evil and had (godforbid) magic. So now we have the Da Vinci Code (which I will see this time unlike Brokeback Mountain) and we have the religious right saying that there is no way Jesus got married and all that nonsense. Just have a question: I'm not saying it is or is not I wasn't there when the bibble was written BUT who says it can or cannot be true? I don't know really you can't say for sure one way or another. All the movie should do is make you think.

But I guess the religious right wouldn't want that.


Robert E Wilson said...
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Robert E Wilson said...

Consider this, though, Erik. What if a film came out that attempted to turn the Islam religion on its ear? Can you even imagine the property damage, bloodshed, and hatred towards the west this would cause?

I'm not on the side of the Christian right, but give them some credit. They do after all, have a right to speak out and protest, which is really all they've done.

Erik said...

Not saying otherwise but to condemn a film WITHOUT seeing it without even saying it may or may not have merrit is my problem.