Thursday, February 08, 2007

Breaking News

Just got some breaking news. Not really suprised but it's still sad. Anna Nicole Smith died. They said she collasped in a hotel in Florida. She was 39.

UPDATE: She is still dead.

To add a commentary I wish the media and public would care as much for the troops as they do this wannabe and for that matter as the public did for barbaro. I guess what they say is true. One death is a tragedy a million is a statistic.


Brian Rubin said...

Dude, again, stop being so damned cynical. It's the big news OF THE DAY is all. They only care more RIGHT NOW because it just happened, while the troops over there is an ongoing thing. I have no real love for the media either, but get some perspective, damnit. :)

Robert E Wilson said...

I agree with Erik. This isn't news. She was a media-made celebrity. Unfortunately, her death is a prime example of why the media creates celebrities out of brainless, talentless people like her. Because the public shows so much interest in this tabloid crap, the news networks get high ratings. It's really the public's fault, not the media.

Bill C said...

She did have 2 talents that I noticed...

Erik said...

Wait a second here.. Robert we agree?

Erik said...

Brian here are some stats on what was covered for this non-important celbrity vs. soldiers dying in Iraq:

References to Anna Nicole and Iraq on Cable Networks After 3PM ET:

CNN 141 27
FOX NEWS 112 33
MSNBC 170 24

Time Of Segments Devoted to Anna Nicole and Iraq on Broadcast Networks:

NBC 3:13 0:14
CBS 2:00 2:17
ABC 2:21 2:58

This is from thinkprogress.

You tell me.