Sunday, February 25, 2007

When he's Right.....

You know my feelings about Bill O'Idiot I dislike the man a ton. However when he's right he's right. In his column in the Los Angeles Daily News today. He talks about a law in Florida called Jessica's Law. The law refers to 9 year old Jessica Lunsford who was kidnapped and murdered by an already convicted sex offender who I will not name cause I don't want to give this sick freak any consideration. But you can look it up.

41 out of 50 states have passed simulars lasws where a 1st time conviction for felony sexual battery on a child will result in a 25 years to life prison sentence. No plea bargains. Nothing. I personally think 25 years is too soon whether it's a pedifile priest who molests kids in their parrish's or anything else to that effect they should get at LEAST life if convicted. They completely RUIN the child's life they hurt.

That's what i think.

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