Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Price of truth

You know it's funny the price of telling the truth. Joe Wilson told the truth about Iraq and how Iraq WAS NOT seeking weapons of mass destruction and he and his wife who worked at the CIA as a covert agent suffered the ultimate humilliation by Bush (I'm sorry all this trial with Libby is a smoke screen as Bush is the one who did this) and the right-wing media.

Here is another example from the Don Imus show this morning:

"You know what drives me crazy," says Michael Graham of Boston's WTKK-FM to host Don Imus, "is that we know the big stuff! We know who first told Bob Novak that Valerie Plame worked at the CIA, it was Richard Armitage! So we know ther was no secret Cheney conspiracy."

He continues, his voice rising, "We also know Joe Wilson is a big fat lying sack. He lied about what he found out in Niger. ... The Iraqis were trying to get uranium in Niger. He lied to The New York Times about it, The Washington Post supported it, so there was no conspiracy, Joe Wilson's a liar, why do I care about this case for one minute?!"

Of course we know Bush wouldn't know the truth if it hit him on the head. Neither does the right-wing media.

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