Friday, February 09, 2007

More important

So according to the republiccowards who still have a job it's more important to talk about a plane that speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to use to fly to San Francisco then the war in Iraq.

Just to point out a few facts:

The 3115th soldier died. But according to the republiccowards that's not important.

Former House Speaker Hassert district in Illinois where current speaker Pelosi lives in San Francisco. Last I checked Illinois is a lot closer to Washington D.C. then San Francisco. Aka a bigger plane that carries more fuel IS NECESSARY!

I wouldn't let facts get away with the republiccowards stupid attempt at a smear would I??


Bill C said...

Speaker Pelosi could also move to New York to save on transportation expenses . I happen to know of a place she could stay...

Erik said...

While that is always an option I doubt she would like your company :)

Erik said...

Although 3 ways are possible :)