Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Give In

Error by Obama: He is going to the White House to meet with Bush and more of the same McCain who will use this as a photo op and against Obama.

Error by more of the same McCain: Trying to delay the Presidential debate tomorrow. Like Obama said if you are President you need to handle multiple situations. To sane people it shows how more of the same McCain is not ready and not mentally equipped to be President.

Error #2 by more of the same McCain: Deciding, after being out of Washington for more then a year and missing more votes then Obama, that he needs to go to Washington now. Remember he is a huge cause of this mess.

I hope Obama doesn't give in to more of the same McCain and postpone the debate. If more of the same McCain doesn't show up then it should be a question and answer with Obama. This is nothing but a stunt by more of the same McCain. I hope people realize that. And remember more of the same McCain has nothing to do with the negotiations so he will accomplish nothing.

You know really thinking about it since more of the same McCain wants to postpone the debate to the night of the Vice Presidential debate he just really doesn't want to send out this alleged pitbull with lipstick (her words not mine) to get destroyed by Biden.

Last thought in the idiots speech last night he blamed instead of the banks which gave out loans to people who should not have received them he blamed solely the American people. Remember that come election day.

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