Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trickle Up

Since Republicans have the phony theory of trickle down economics which never works, where tax breaks and advantages for people at the top of the income scale will trickle down to those who are at the bottom, I'd like propose the exact opposite. I'd like to propose trickle up economics. Here is what I mean:

Instead of giving $700 billion of taxpayer dollars to failed industries on Wall Street which we will never see, how about paying off people's mortgages? Here is what that will accomplish:

A) People will pay their debts (which ultimately is a good thing that we wouldn't be as much as a debtor nation).

B) People will save money for there future. People could save for retirements or college for their children and rely less on government programs which would create smaller government.

C) People will spend. That will be the thing that does things like create profits for businesses which in turn creates jobs.

Just my view.

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