Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to make a scandal

If you wanna know how to make a scandal out of something that isn't I present Republican Vice President Sarah Palin. You see she was all set to give testimony about "troopergate" where she wanted her ex brother in law fired for divorcing her sister. Simple enough. No she decided to get political and pull out cause the final report was due a little before the election. I wanna bring up two points regarding this:

A) Honestly there is a long history of people getting fired for their boses not liking them for whatever reason whether it's personal or job related. That's fine I honestly don't have a problem with that.

B) By not testifying she is making this more of a scandal then it really is. The committee is not bias it is made of two Democrats and two Republicans. Again she just has to say what happened and that's it.

But as a typical Republican she decides to be decitful. What a loser.

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