Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just wodering

How come the media considers more of the same McCain a maverick when he votes with Bush at least 90% of the time?

How come Obama is considered an elitest when more of the same McCain doesn't even know how many homes he owns?

How come the media doesn't really call more of the same McCain (or Bush for that matter) when he says the economy is fine when anyone with half a brain knows it isn't?

How come Obama is critisized regarding a preacher and a serman he wasn't at BUT Sarah Palin is at a church that preeches hate and more of the same McCain has endorsements from preechers who spread hate and there is no response?

How come no one calls out more of the same McCain for saying how he wanted a clean campaign when he has done nothing but attack AND offer nothing but a continuation of Bush's policies which as we know DON'T WORK!

Now for some non politics:
Has there been a player that has made more of an impact from a mid-season trade then Manny Ramirez has with the Dodgers?

Should he be considered for MVP?

Did UCLA gets their butts whiped on Saturday or what?

DID USC look impresive against Ohio State Saturday or what?

Is the Kansas City Chiefs the worst team in professional Football?

Or is it the Rams?

Is it me or is it really selfish for Kobe Bryant NOT to have the surgery on his finger when if it gets worse in the long run he will hurt the Lakers?

And isn't this his option year of the contract?

Just wondering


Robert E Wilson said...

If they played each other this year, which they won't.

Chiefs 48 Rams 0

Yes, the Rams are that bad.

If the Rams win 1 game this year, the opposing team's coach should be fired.

The Rams have the worst Offense in the NFL. The Rams have the worst Defense in the NFL. The Rams have the worst kick coverage in the NFL. The Rams have the worst kick return game in the NFL. The Rams have the worst coaching staff in the NFL. The Rams have the worst front office staff in the NFL.

The only good thing about the Rams is their kicker, punter, and owner. I believe Chip Rosenbloom is disgusted with the team he inherited. However, he may find it to overwhelming to try to fix this disaster of a team and just sell them.

Can you tell I'm a little bit embarrassed to call myself a Rams fan?

Erik said...

Robert you know as a Raiders fan I understand completely. Not like they are much better

Erik said...

If it makes you feel better the Rams didn't look as bad as UCLA did against BYU